Recent Events

The 2nd Christmas Tree Festival attracted almost 500 visitors to the Church.

A big thank you to all who took part.

The final count is in for The People’s Favourite Tree’

1st Number 16  1st Edwinstowe Scout Group

2nd Number 28 The Flower Room                                                                                        

3rd Number 24  Little Oaks Playgroup.

The winning tree is to remain in church until the 18th December.

Congratulations to the 1st Edwinstowe Scout Group.

Women's World Day of Prayer 4th March

Women's World Day of Prayer (WWDP) is held every year across the World. It is celebrated by all Christian denominations.

Each year the service is written by a WWDP group in a different country and the theme changes year by year.  This Year the service was prepared by the Christian Women of Cuba. The theme was 'Receive Children, Receive Me'. The service was translated into more than 60 languages and 1,000 dialects.

The service had a Latin American feel and the readings reflected life for Cuban women; how they are the centre piece of the family and often take the responsibility of guiding the children into the Christian faith. However, life for these women can be very difficult, they face discrimination from their male counterparts and often violence.

This year, in our area, the service was held at St Giles in Ollerton, women from various other local churches contributed. We were greeted with glasses of homemade lemonade, a drink commonly used to welcome friends and visitors in Cuba. We were each invited to write our name on a paper Calla Lily. The flowers were put in a wicker basket.

St Giles looked wonderful with the Cuban flag draped over the lectern and Cuban influenced flower arrangements. During the service there were readings and hymns and some Cuban style music was played. After the service we all had a good chat over refreshments. The ladies of St Giles had prepared a wonderful tea that included sandwiches, savouries and cakes with tea and coffee.

As we left were each took one of the Calla Lilies from the basket home with us as a memento of the afternoon.

Passover Meal

St Mary's held a Passover meal in the Church Rooms on 12th March. This was a Christian Passover to represent the Last Supper of Christ with the disciples. A group of about 20 people attended and took part in what was a fascinating and very moving evening.

The evening was full of symbolism and singing. It was a very moving occasion but also joyous and great fun. This was the first time that I had ever participated in a ceremony of this kind and I was unsure of what to do but I needn't have worried as we were guided by Father Tony.

We had a wonderful meal. The first part included the key elements of the Passover supper; egg, salt water, bitter herbs, parsley and green vegetables, charoset ( a mix of apples, cinnamon and wine) and unleavened bread. This was followed by jacket potatoes and a choice of chicken casserole or chilli con carne.  We then partook in plum upside down sponge and custard or coffee and walnut cake.

It was a great evening of fellowship.